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Did you know that homes shown in open houses sell for an average of $9,000 more and stay on the market for roughly one week less? While the allure of a higher selling price and quicker transaction might seem enticing, it's crucial to understand how to create an attractive and successful open house. This guide is designed to provide you with expert insights and tips to make your open house event stand out and attract the right kind of buyers.


It's important to know your audience before hosting an open house. According to the American Home Shield Corporation, close to half of all buyers include open house visits as part of their home search strategy. People who are buying a home for the second time or more often utilize open houses as a way to discover potential properties, more so than first-time buyers. Interestingly, buyers in the higher income bracket are more likely to find their future homes through open houses.

Open houses seem to appeal to certain age groups more than others, with individuals in the 25-44 and 45-64 brackets attending these events more frequently than their younger or older counterparts. Those seeking a newly built home are more likely to attend open houses compared to those looking for previously owned homes. Furthermore, both married and single couples are more likely to frequent open houses than single buyers. Lastly, regional differences show that buyers from the Northeast and West regions of the United States are more likely to find their homes through open houses than those residing in other regions.


Before deciding to host an open house, it's important to consider some facts. While open houses can be beneficial, they're not typically the primary avenue through which homes get sold. A majority of potential buyers nowadays start their home search online, meaning only a small fraction of homes are sold due to unattended open house visits.

Real estate agents often use open houses as a networking opportunity to build relationships and find new clients, rather than focusing solely on selling the house on display. Furthermore, open houses might attract unqualified buyers or individuals who are uncertain about their financing options. There might also be traffic from curious neighbors who are not serious about buying.

While open houses are a popular method for showcasing a property, they can present certain challenges, such as a lack of effective monitoring of attendees' actions and potential security risks. Reports of theft during and after open houses underscore the need for vigilance during these events.


Preparing your Home for Viewing

Before the open house date, make sure your house is ready for viewing. This includes attending to any repairs or maintenance tasks, ensuring everything is in working order, and the home feels inviting.

Tidying up and Removing Clutter

A clean and clutter-free environment will allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home. Remove personal belongings and keep décor neutral.

Spreading the Word

Marketing is key when it comes to successful open houses. Use real estate websites, social media, signs, and word-of-mouth to let people know about your event.

Entrust the Process to Your Real Estate Agent

Many agents are experienced in hosting open houses and can manage the process effectively. They'll handle the logistics and be able to answer any questions from prospective buyers.

Act Swiftly

Once your house is on the market, aim to host your open house quickly. A new listing can generate a lot of interest, so capitalize on that momentum.

Having Your Own Agent Present, If Possible

While it's not always feasible, having your own real estate agent at the open house can provide you with valuable feedback and insights.

Consider a Private Showing as an Option

If an open house seems too overwhelming or if security concerns you, consider offering private showings to interested buyers. This can provide a more personalized and secure viewing experience.

Keep a Record

Have a sign-in sheet or app for open house attendees. This will help you collect information and follow up with potential buyers later.

Engaging with the Listing Agent

If possible, try to chat with the listing agent during the open house. They can provide useful information about the property and the market.

Offer Refreshments

Providing snacks and beverages can make your open house more appealing and comfortable for visitors. It's a small touch that can make a big difference.

Make Use of Brochures and Flyers

Having handouts and brochures about your home and its features can provide buyers with valuable information and help them remember your property after they leave.


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